Understanding The True Nature of Reality

The universe makes no sense.

Alexandre Porto Perrella Cabbanis

True Nature of Reality – Alexandre Porto

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The universe is made up of a great many things.

It is also the case that The Universe makes no sense.

This can be verified by the fact that there is a great deal of pain and misery in The Universe.

It is also the case that many people are not able to understand what “is” means.

The Universe also has no purpose.

It is a bunch of random stuff happening for no reason.

It’s important to note that whenever someone says “The Universe” they usually mean “My perception of The Universe.”

This is fine, but it does not lead to a correct understanding of The Universe. It also leads to intellectual laziness.

The correct understanding of The Universe is that it has no meaning. It is there, and you are here.

Not The Center of the Universe

I look at the world as a whole and see it is like an organism. It has many interacting parts that form a greater system.

It is a system that we can see at both the macro and micro levels.

For example, many people are like cells in an organism with their own interactions.

There is a constant flow of energy and nutrients that keeps the organism alive.

Likewise, in our world, there is a continuous interaction between different people, groups, and individuals.

There are also the organs that make up the entire organism. They all work together in order for it to continue living.

They include the brain, heart, and stomach.

The concept of objective reality is entirely human-centric.

There is a great deal of evidence that humans are not at all the center of the universe, and that they do not see things as they actually exist. The idea that humanity itself can be completely objective in its observations of the world seems rather farfetched to me.

Wilhelm Amberg, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

I think that the human ability to perceive reality accurately is limited by their lack of a non-human perspective.

The best humans can do is apply heuristics, or rules of thumb, which are often incorrect and lead them astray.

One of these heuristics is the tendency to anthropomorphize.

Humans perceive their own emotions and feelings in everything else, even when it isn’t warranted. This causes them to misidentify what is really going on around them.

The other heuristic is that humans tend to see their own perspective as the correct one and assume that it applies universally.

This is not true.

The fact that humans aren’t omniscient means they cannot see the entire world, and so they can only rely on a small amount of data.

With that in mind, I think the best way for humans to understand their own reality is to look at it from a god’s eye view, as opposed to an ego-centric one.

Change Your Point of View

I think it is important to note that, within the human world, reality has never been accurately understood. In fact, I would say we have misunderstood reality at every turn and continue to do so today.

This is mainly due to the fact that we cannot comprehend things on a fundamental level and are thus forced to make assumptions about the nature of reality. These assumptions are born from our experiences and personal filter bubble.

Our experiences and our filter bubble are unique to each of us, so we have conflicting interpretations of reality. We cannot escape the confines of human experience.

However, when we take a psychedelic substance like psilocybin or LSD, our experiences and filter bubble is temporarily broken. We begin to see the world in a new way.

In this way, I believe psilocybin and other psychedelics can help us understand reality. It is a catalyst for change.

This is how I believe we can understand reality as it truly is. It allows us to be free of the confines of human experience.