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  • Know This Before You Start Microdosing With Psychedelics

    The Most Important Part of Your Microdose Routine If your microdosing protocol lacks structure and the benefits of the microdose aren’t clear, try adding this to your routine. As a professional psychonaut, sometimes I catch myself speaking about things that I don’t have a lot of experience with, and this makes me uneasy. One of the…

  • So You Want a Career in Psychedelics…

    The Professional path of the modern “Medicine Man” Career in psychedelics – Alexandre Porto Mar 26 · 8 min read Professional Tripper Psychedelic means manifestation of the mind. Oxford Dictionary — PsychedelicOrigin1950s formed irregularly from psyche + Greek dēlos ‘clear, manifest’ + -ic. Any event that results in the broadening of the mind can be classified as a psychedelic experience. The mystical…

  • Salvia Nostalgia: A Familiar Place

    Did you ever feel nostalgic during a Salvia Divinorum trip? Hello! Two years ago I had my first experience smoking salvia. After that first time, I tried a few more times and I’m still trying to figure this psychedelic out. I find Salvia fascinating because I believe that it reveals some deep truths about the…

  • Psychedelic Means Open Mind

    Definition of the word Psychedelic Psychedelic Alexandre Porto Dec 12, 2020 · 5 min read First, there is the problem of knowing what psychedelic substances are. The word ‘psychedelic’ comes from two Greek words: Psyche and Delos meaning mind-revealing. Psychedelics can be defined as any chemical substance that causes changes in perception, thoughts, or feelings by acting on the brain. It is unknown exactly how these…

  • The Impact of Psychedelics On Society

    What if we trip collectively? Alexandre Porto · 3 min read It is hard to say what the impact psychedelics will have on society. In terms of changing consciousness, it does seem obvious that they have some effect on at least a lot of people who use them. I would say that it is hard to measure…

  • Negotiating With The Psychedelic Substance

    Negotiating With The Psychedelic Substance

    There might be a reliable way to talk with a personification of the psychedelic substance. How to get power out of the trip?

  • 4 Benefits of Microdosing With Psychedelics

    4 Benefits of Microdosing With Psychedelics

    4 benefits of microdosing with psychedelics. Microdose is when you implement psychedelics into your lifestyle in doses that are barely noticeable. In my experience working with psychedelics I discovered that this world has much more to offer than I expected.

  • 5 Tips For The Perfect Psychedelic Journey

    This is my personal checklist. With 5 only five items I make sure that I’m ready even for the most challenging psychedelic trip.

  • Psychedelics: The Mind Exploring Tool

    Psychedelics: The Mind Exploring Tool

    Psychedelics are powerful substances that have the power to change a person’s senses and perceptions shooting them into a super-productive journey.