Salvia Nostalgia: A Familiar Place

Did you ever feel nostalgic during a Salvia Divinorum trip?

salvia nostalgia vibes
FIrst McDonalds Ever – Photo by Bryan Hong (Brybry26), CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons


Two years ago I had my first experience smoking salvia.

After that first time, I tried a few more times and I’m still trying to figure this psychedelic out.

I find Salvia fascinating because I believe that it reveals some deep truths about the nature of reality which we forget as we grow up.

Salvia Shows the Fabric of Reality

whats like to smoke salvia

Without fail the day after I smoke Salvia, I have the weird sensation that I can still experience the Salvia trip in the background of normal every-day life.

Like a little buzz in the background running in the periphery of my consciousness

It feels like I am constantly immersed in the Salvia “world” but now that I grew up, my cognition is distracted by the meaning and utility of things instead of what they truly are.

It gives me the impression that when I was a kid I experienced the world a bit like the Salvia trip landscape.

I don’t remember the strange visuals, though.

Anyway, I want to talk a little about one particular aspect of the Salvia trip that at first felt very personal but now, I am learning that it’s more common than I thought.

I keep hearing about this from other psychonauts and even in a popular Netflix show!

Salvia Nostalgia​

Salviastagia (coined by a Redditor) is the acute sensation of nostalgia that surfaces as the Salvia experience start.

It’s a strange visceral familiarity with the Salvia Psychedelic Landscape.

The sensation is unexpected to me, as the Salvia experience feels a lot like going through a portal into a new dimension.

There is nothing familiar about it.

What blows my mind is that the trip still feels cozy and somehow feels closer to reality than ordinary consciousness.

Short Description of A Salvia Trip

As the effects surface, many people feel a slight pressure on the back of the head and the entire body passes through a physical body sensation of walking through a portal, like changing dimensions.

As this happens, people report an acute sense of nostalgia.

Some report feeling like they are in a ’80s movie or in an old-style McDonald’s.

In one of my experiences, as the trip started, I was surprised to have the sensation that I was going home.

I remember saying mentally:

“Here we are again, that familiar place!”​

I really don’t know what part of the experience is familiar to me.

Consciously, it all feels alien and extremely weird, but I still feel super comfortable.

It’s common to experience a physical sensation of being part of a two-dimensional fabric. Usually, my back comes together with the chair and I lose complete sense of anything.

It feels like I have been reset together with all my memories and I was living for the first time discovering reality for the first time.

My vision was composed by this weird dance of strings that seemed to form a tunnel starting from the center of my sight and stretching out all the way to the end of the periphery of my vision.

The background noise all sounded muffled. At times, it felt like people were speaking very far away.

This might have given me the impression of being in a public place, like a dinner place.

Then as my consciousness reassembled.

I started to notice the aesthetics of my surroundings and it looked like a 70’s or 80’s movie.

After the trip was gone I could still feel this peculiar nostalgic old American dinner in movies.

At first, I thought that it was just influenced by my subconscious which I fed with North American movies and cartoons.

To me, it looks like Salvia presents us with the true nature of reality but our sober brain creates a “game” to navigate this weird reality in a way that most increases our survival rate.

Popular Reference​ – Salvia in The Good Place

What motivated me to start thinking about this again was the Netflix series The Good Place.

In this series (I’ll try to avoid spoilers) there’s a scene where all the characters meet in a place between dimensions.

One of the characters says:

salvia and the good place

Guys, relax, I know what this is! This is a Salvia trip!

Then, one of the characters, who represent conscious thought tries to make a point but gets dragged out of the dimension and goes through a fractal experience of the unfolding of reality:

salvia trip

I worked in a smart shop for the last two years and many of my customers would describe a place that most call the “Grinder” where it feels like…

Well, it feels like we are physically going through a gigantic grinder.

At this point during the journey, people have laughing fits, other people freak out.

I think that this is what they were referencing with the “Time Knife”

Btw, I think that this happens because of the Doppler Effect. When you focus on some particular vibration during the salvia trip, all the other waves are going to be distorted and salvia makes it extremely hard to ignore.

If you watched the clip, then you will notice that in order for the characters to understand the environment they turned into an IHOP, a classic North American Dinner place!

At this point, I was alarmed at how similar this scene came to my salvia experience.

salvia fractal vision

They started in this place between dimensions that look like a Salvia experience then, in order to make sense of it it turned into a classic American dinner place and one of the characters entered the Grinder.

They nailed the place between dimensions; the Time Knife; The nostalgic American dinner place perfectly!

It makes me think that this is not just a coincidence, maybe it’s the general Salvia experience that just has this particular “shape”.

I’m very curious to know what you think about this, because my experiences are a bit clouded.

It’s like a dream that fades away, making it hard to analyze and understand.

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