Don’t hold the edges: the smooth sailing of life

In the big cosmic river of life, we can sail smoothly by rejecting attachment.

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Alexandre Porto

There is a state of living that emanates light and carefreeness.

This state arises from a certain shape of the mind which allows for the free-flowing of life.

This mindset is a view of life that considers every day life as a flowing river.

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The human life is like a buoyant being navigating an unstoppable river.

The person who navigates through the river of the cosmos, holding on to everything he or she gets a chance to hold on to, will have a hard time finding smooth sailing.

If I live my life holding on what people say or do, I will be unable to continue my path truly, because I’ll still be holding on to past things. Imagine that you are navigating a river in a kayak and every tree, rock, or holdable object you pass by you hold on tightly until you hurt yourself. As you hold on to the things that are not moving in a relationship with the river you hurt yourself.

Not only the amount of energy spent to stop your navigation the raging flow of life is tremendous, sometimes the holding back of things hurts us and leaves us unprepared to deal with the challenges the future presents us. If I get attached to things that happened around me and flowed into the past I’ll hurt myself and also I’ll leave myself prey to future endeavors.

…the mental order to admire a happening and study it, taking it apart piece by piece is useful for self-growth.

Learn how to experience things in retrospect.

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As I practiced this, I saw an enormous improvement in life quality, and also I noticed that with repetition I attained the ability to “hold” things in my mind.

This just means that with practice I became able to manipulate happenings in my mind without having to hold on to them in the material world.

Not only that, but the mental order to admire a happening and study it, taking it apart piece by piece is useful for self-growth.

There’s a way to flow through life without additional pain.

One good way to work this out is to avoid attachment to happenings that “happened” in the past. In the analogy of the big cosmic river, human life can navigate smoothly by rejecting attachment.

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