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Before proceeding remember that we are not here to make recommendations or prescribe medicine.

We talk of healthy and safe practiece in the use of psychedelic plants and fungi and cannabis, among other widely spread commomplace substances.

Our work is science backed and we have the costume of providing our science resources. If we blunder and fail to do so, please don’t hesitate to ask our team and we will promptly comply.

The main mission of cannabis is harm reduction.

We understand that self-exploration and self-growth with psychedelics and other natural tools are becoming each day more seductive to high-performance people and Cabbanis believes that it is our professional responsibility to show the way to safely implement these natural tools while minimizing potential hazards to the wellbeing of our costumers.

Cabbanis works every day to create a safe modern ritual for the high-performance lifestyle of the new-age adult.

cabbanis ceo alexandre perrella

“Harm reduction is our main goal.”

— Alexandre Perrella –
Creator of Cabbanis

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