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Psychedelics: The Mind Exploring Tool

This is the time for introspection

Alexandre Porto

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Psychedelic substances are a good tool for mind exploration, in the sense that they allow you to explore your own psyche and your perception of reality.

The world is mostly a good place. You have to look for problems because there are always some, but they are not as bad as one might think.

Psychedelics have the capacity of highlighting patterns in reality. Some of them make us feel great, and others make us feel horrible.

I am not sure that consuming psychedelics the best way to improve your perception of reality.

Some people can do it more effectively with meditation.

But for some other people, a drastic change of perspective is in order.

To extract the maximum of what the psychedelic natural tool-kit can offer, one must have a clear objective beforeduring, and after the trip. I think that the way most individuals use Psychedelics, without any real intention or goal, is a misuse of their power.

It’s the opinion of many professionals that psychedelics should only be used by those who are willing to take them seriously and dedicate themselves towards some sort of self-improvement.

I guess you can use them if they make you feel better about life, but I do not think that is a good reason to consume them.

Explore The Conscious Experience

Psychedelics are a powerful mind exploration tool because they allow the user to explore their conscious experience. They do this by providing a different perspective on reality and enabling one to think about things in new ways.

When one takes a psychedelic, they enter into an altered state of consciousness. In this state, the thought processes and more abstract concepts are made more concrete to the user.

This is interesting because it allows the user to think about concepts that they normally do not. Furthermore, psychedelics provide novel sensory input and a different perspective on reality.

Sometimes, these psychedelics will also alter the sense of time. This can allow for unique experiences, such as thinking about past events from a different perspective and with new information.

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When one is experiencing an altered state of consciousness, it can feel like they are not in control of their thoughts. However, this isn’t actually true.

The user is simply thinking about different topics. They are not actually free of their thoughts or anything like that.

In my professional career, I always made a point to explore the idea that during the trip my customers are in control. I tell them that they must take responsibility for where the trip is going. I like to put it like this for three reasons:

  1. I don’t want then to be alarmed in case the journey takes an unexpected turn;
  2. I want them to mentalize where they want the experience to go;
  3. I am interested in having the customer aware of their own state of mind. Meaning that if they feel bad, the trip will be bad. But if they feel relaxed, the trip will usually not be challenging;

This can backfire because at some moments — especially during the peak of metabolization — it may seem like we are navigating in an overflowing river and that if we try to swim against the current or hold onto the edges of the river, we will suffer.

During this moment the biggest lesson that I personally learned is that I must let go.

Let go and navigate without suffering.

Control is not exactly what we think it is. I think that for a beginner it’s important to go into the trip knowing that they are responsible for what they have to face. Because, if the journey is challenging, this means that it’s their own spirit bringing that challenge that they have to face.

I found that this prepares the voyager to explore their own issues without panic.

I do not believe that Psychedelics can be used as a substitute for therapy, and I don’t think they should be given to individuals who are already suffering from mental problems.

Psychedelics have a place in the modern world, but mainly as a metaphysical tool.

Their primary function is to act as an aid in achieving certain goals and helping individuals to understand their true purpose.

The lessons learned during these experiences are largely subjective and depend on the individual’s personality, so it would be incredibly difficult to create any sort of generalization or overall lesson about them.

A psychedelic voyage is different for each person.

Because of this, the mind-explorer must go into the trip with the intention of exploring it in real-time and make an effort to unlearn what they think they know and really expect nothing.

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