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Psychedelics: Do I take a Microdose or a Full dose?

Working in a high-end smart shop I often get this question: Day adventure or microdose with psychedelics?

For the last 12 months, I worked as a seller in the most sophisticated legal smart shop, offering the best psychedelic fungi in the world.

During this time I tried to stretch my view of the responsible use of sacred plants or fungi. This journey showed me two distinct ways of using the Magic Truffles:

Microdose or Full Dose?

I learned two ways of exploring the benefits of psilocybin.

One way is my favorite and involves taking a breakthrough dose, with the explicit intention to trigger a 4-hour long experience, often with the presence of hallucinations and deep moments of mental exploration.

The other way is to take a microdose.

microdose psychedelics
Photo by Jannik Selz on Unsplash

Microdose is a tool that has gained popularity recently. This method is perfect for people that don’t feel comfortable having a complete shift of perspective. Psychedelics can offer a drastic change of point of view, which can be ultra-useful but can also be unwanted for those who want to function on a familiar level of consciousness.

For highly effective people microdose can help by offering a competitive edge over other people.

Results and effects with microdosing of psilocybin or LSD are too anecdotal for definite meaningful conclusions. But I believe that they reflect the truth.

Check out our other blog post with the 4 main benefits of microdosing with psychedelics.

What is Microdose good for?

A very small dose of psilocybe fungi can slowly reveal a way of understanding my surroundings that trumps my instinctive ordinary analytical routine.

This means that my understanding of the world is composed not by past understanding and the exact positions of things, but by the general flow of states of my surroundings and with an open mind with no previous concepts to cloud the way.

Taking a very small dose of Psilocybe Mushrooms or LSD will not be noticeable during the daily journey.

The effects during the day are barely noticeable, and because of this, most people use Microdose as a tool to support them during work.

Reports say that microdosing is a powerful tool for:

Enhanced consciousness;

Stopping bad habits (like smoking);

Great sense of understanding of surroundings;

Mental silence and clear mental verbalization;

Increased sensation of well-being and happiness;

Powerful imagination;

The most common routine for microdosing is taking one dose every 2 days.

psychedelic microdose mushrooms
Photo by Dominik Rešek on Unsplash

Any routine could be appropriate, I recommend that people interested in microdose, to research what other people think of several routines and pick one that best fits your objectives.

What about a full journey?

My personal favorite way of exploring the benefits of psychedelics is by taking a dose high enough to trigger a 4-hour journey.

Usually, I stretch my adventures to a full-day experience. 

Microdosing can bring many benefits and is a solid way of implementing psychedelics into your life, but an adventure is more my speed.

A drastic shift in point of view can reveal parts of ourselves and the outside world that always brings some answer I have been looking for.

It fits my personality to collect a handful of insights and work on them during ordinary daily life.

Because of this, I seek rich experiences once or twice a month and try and focus on the main set of questions I’d like to have answered by the end of the trip.

For many people a “micro dose” is to just take a small dose, but this is not true. A low dose of legal Magic Truffles, for example, can start a journey and I would not consider this a microdose. A microdose is way beyond any kind of noticeable effect. A small dose that triggers a journey is not a microdose.

I prefer the dose to be a little over the dose necessary for a breakthrough. This means that I see the minimum amount required to trigger a psychedelic journey and consume a bit more.

To me, this kind of experience is great because a 4-hour psychedelic mushroom trip culminates in a glorious climax, where big questions are answered, and at each of these adventures, I return home with great timeless ideas and powerful heroic visions of the world and myself.

microdose with psychedelics or full journey
Epic visions

When I rearrange my own personal set of beliefs and change how I act and react while navigating reality I rebuild it with new information provided by meaningful experiences I accumulated by living and exploring the outside world. When I have a powerful tool to highlight some secret narrative ordinarily hidden from me, I feed myself with rich insights that will be the pillars of my ever renovating understanding of the universe.

microdose with psychedelics

I have answered this question many times: Should I go for a day journey or should I go for a daily routine spread through months and months?

Every customer had a different objective; interest; and choice.

I am convinced that the only way to know what is ideal is to treat yourself with a safe familiar place in a healthy mental state and experiment with yourself until you find the ideal routine and dosage.

Be careful with the origin of your product.

If possible look for legal sources, there are many places all over the world where people can have access to legal quality psychedelics.

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