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If you are reading this, you are interested in implementing psychedelics into your lifestyle safely and with responsibility.

Every day more and more people discover in responsible psychedelic use, the competitive edge they are looking for.

The benefits of using psychedelics can be described as follows:

There are two main schools of psychedelic therapies.


1/10 of a normal dose distributed over months. The effects of this routine are not noticeable from the first day.

The benefits of microdosing start to become clear after about 3 months of continuous use.


The perfect choice for those wishing to explore the mind. People who are passionate about this method, are popularly known as psychonauts.

They report powerful insights and deep healing from experiencing a mystical day-trip.

How Can We Help You?

Our system is simple and we can start right now.

We start by asking you:

What is your objective?

Mentalize well what you believe psychedelic tools can do for you.

For example, are you interested in working on a bad habit, or would like use psychedelics to help you find your passion?

Each objective calls for a different substance, different dosage, and different rhythms.

We just must find what is right for you.

What substance is right for you?

Don’t be alarmed; you don’t have to buy drugs from a sketchy person.

Our partners are the most reliable smart shops in the world, with the best psychedelic tools that are legal in the place that you live.

The psychedelic world is broad and in every country on planet earth, there’s a legal psychedelic option perfect for you. We can help you understand what the legal options close to you are.

Cabbanis is prepared to talk to you personally and discuss the best option available.

Check our affiliates to know more about how to legally get your natural tools.

What dosage?

We back our guidance with science. When we talk about the recommended dosage we are talking about different routines explored in rigid scientific scrutiny.


In the scientific community, there’s a general consensus that lower doses spread through months (microdosing) is the most adequate option to work on superficial daily improvements. Like increased empathy and higher capacity to focus.

…measures revealed reductions in reported levels of depression and stress; lower levels of distractibility;

Polito, Vince, and Richard J. Stevenson. “A systematic study of microdosing psychedelics.”


Researches revealed that for self-understanding and trauma resolution a higher dose coupled with professional guidance can be more adequate for objectives like:

  • Self-exploration;
  • Trauma Resolution;
  • Subconscious Discovery;
  • Self-growth;

Again, we must explore the subject together and discover what is best for YOU.

Chat with our team and let’s find out together what Cabbanis can do for you.

“We can help you to develop your own psychedelic routine supported by science.”

— Alexandre Porto
Creator of Cabbanis


I’m interested in improving my life by healthily implementing a psychedelic microdose routine!


I want to know how to navigate the psychedelic landscape and make the most out of it!

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