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Battery-free vaporizer for incense.

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VapCap VonG 2021 – DynaVap

DynaVap just released new iterations of 3 of their VapCaps, including the VonG,  the new, improved, and renamed OmniVonG!

The VonG 2021 features a new tip, with a new extraction chamber and fin profile for optimized airflow and heat retention. This new tip is compatible with the “Captive Cap” DynaVap introduced last year and features a Nona crown ridged tip and fully contoured extraction chamber that you can use as an integrated grinder. The VonG 2021 also features a now permanently-affixed mouthpiece, tapered to fit both 14mm and 10mm female fittings. This new one-piece titanium and wood body is both stylish and durable. The adjustable mouthpiece has been replaced by an eclipsing airport design, making for easy and fast customization of the airflow simply by covering it with a finger.

Along with these improvements, the VonG 2021 keeps key features DynaVap invented, that made the (Omni)VonG the advanced portable wood and titanium vaporizer it is today, like the “adjust-a-bowl” technology to reduce the size of the extraction chamber by 50%, and easy use with most water filtration systems.

VapCap Vong 2021 features


  • Battery-free, with a built-in clicking temperature indicator
  • ”Captive Cap”
  • 2 positions “adjust-a-bowl” for easy micro-dosing
  • Optimized airflow and heat retention
  • Eclipsing airport design
  • 10 & 14 mm tapered mouthpiece, compatible with most water pipes
  • Fully lined with titanium
  • Rotating wooden sleeve milled with precision
  • Compatible with concentrates (attachment needed)
  • Customize your experience with a large range of accessories
  • size: 92mm

The VonG 2021 is shipped in a 100% recyclable cardboard package.


DynaVap Use and Care Instructions


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