Psychedelic Consultation Online – Microdose & Macrodose




This product is a session of psychedelic consulting with me, Alexandre Perrella. I have been working with the responsible use of psychedelics since I was 18 years old and in 2019 I moved to Holland to learn with the most reputable names in the industry and now this know-how is available to you in the shape of private or group online sessions and included with this product is access to our community, where you can share results, questions, and lessons with other psychonauts.

If you are interested in Microdosing and would like help understanding the options in substances and doses and to set up the routine that better fits your objectives, then you can benefit from this product.

This consultation is also appropriate for those looking to explore the world of psychedelics with higher doses and would like help:

  • Preparing for the journey;
  • Navigating the psychedelic landscape better and making the most out of it;
  • Integrating the lessons of the journey;

These sessions are designed to last 1 hour and a half.



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