Cultivation Consulting – From Seed to Harvest


Private one-on-one cannabis cultivation consultation.


Cannabis Cultivation Consulting – From Seed to Harvest

If you are reading this you are interested in being self-sufficient in cannabis. This means that you wish to design a plant to cultivate cannabis at home in a way that fits your lifestyle and still gives you enough cannabis flowers to last the entire year perpetually.

In order to do this, the first step is to set up your grow space. This means making space for the plant either indoors or outdoors.

Then, we need to get all the necessary equipment for the cultivation of cannabis. All this material is broadly available everywhere in the world and we can help you make sure that you have all that you need for a healthy cannabis garden.

Now that you reserved a proper space for your future plant and got all the necessary equipment, it is time to choose the right seed for you. Each genetic is fit to a specific setup, so it is extremely important that you are aware of the characteristics of the seeds.

Included in this consultation is a 50% discount on any of our seeds (and many others we don’t offer in the shop!) and we will go through the options together making sure that we find perfect cannabis genetics for your objectives!

The first step to start the grow is to germinate the seed, and you should be careful with this step because successful germination is what determines the success of the entire operation. Together we can go through this process until the plant is safely planted on the soil ready to start the vegetation.

We can help you manage the light, nutrients, transplantation, training methods, and all the techniques necessary to make sure that you find what you are looking for in the cannabis world.

Together we will see your little plant produce the first pistils, flowers and when the time comes you will harvest your first successful cannabis plant!


The objective of this product is to offer support to those interested in becoming self-sufficient in cannabis. Plant your own cannabis perpetually. We will personally help you arrange the cultivation space, equipment, seeds and give you all the support you need to germinate your plant, make sure it grows healthy, and then guarantee the best buds you can possibly harvest.



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