Exploring the Transformative Power of Psychedelics: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery and Conscious Expansion with Psychedelics

psychedelics journey of self-discovery
A Psychedelic Journey of Self-Discovery — Foto de Evie S. na Unsplash

In the last few years, our society has turned around to the idea of psychedelic substances as a means of healing. Scientists in the most prestigious Universities are unveiling in psychedelic therapy a more effective and safe method of dealing with psychological issues like anxiety, PTSD, and major depression. Beyond the therapeutic potential, psychedelics have also shown incredible potential for transforming one’s worldview in a positive and wholesome way.

Ancient Human Relationship

Humans have had a long story of a relationship with entheogens. Since the dawn of men, psychoactive plants (Ayahuasca), fungi (Psilocybin), and even other animals (Bufo Toad) have been part of human society as a tool of spiritual connection, courage, empathy, and healing. Each human community throughout history has shown a different relationship with the psychedelic substances they introduced into their communities. Some of the rituals were meant to prepare warriors for battle, while others were aimed to mark the maturity of the youth of the tribe.

In modern days we are in the stage of implementing psychedelics into an urban lifestyle while maximizing the benefits and minimizing the adverse effects. In this journey, science is our friend. In recent years there has been a resurgence in psychedelic research following the decades of the so-called ‘war-on-drugs’. The results in the lab indicate that psychedelic therapy may require less exposure and fewer adverse effects than traditional methods of dealing with psychological issues, like pharmaceutical antidepressant use. In addition, scientists have been attributing the benefits of psychedelics to the novel approach to approaching inner issues instead of repressing them.

Unlocking Insights:

Going on a psychedelic journey often means going on an adventure. The changes in senses and perceptions allow for a new way of seeing things, often shattering antiquated sets of beliefs and opening the heart to new possibilities. The higher integration between brain areas that occurs during the mystical experience has been related to a decrease in symptoms of depression and anxiety. The window of time in which your body is in the process of metabolizing the substance is a rich soil for insights, lessons, and epiphanies. The experience allows for a safe space for the judgment-free exploration of the true self.

Expanding Consciousness:

The new way of seeing things that entheogens offer has the power to challenge old misconceptions that we have been carrying with us for years. It feels like a blank slate where old habits are highlighted and easily replaced by healthier habits that better fit our objectives. The oceanic feeling, the feeling that we are part of everything and everything is part of u, is one of the main aspects of the mystical experience and it is a great empathy tool when we are able to bring that feeling to our daily lives.

It is important to highlight the broadness of the spectrum of therapeutic use of psychedelic substances. In recent research, an ex-leader of a white supremacist movement had a drastic change of heart when he participated in a study testing MDMA. He didn’t know it was MDMA, and he reports drastic changes in his worldviews:

“It changed how I look at things” — Ex-Leader from White Supremacist Movement after MDMA experience.

MDMA changed the mind of a white supremacist — Cabbanis YouTube channel

The psychedelic therapy has been showing incredible results, but the long-lasting benefits are not a fruit of the effects of the substance, but of the work of integration that comes after the ceremony. When the effects are over the stage of integration begins, and this is when the participant will take some time to reflect on the experience and work on applying the insights and lessons that occurred during the trip to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Integration and Personal Growth

Integration is the core of self-improvement with psychedelics. When we come down to it, the effect itself is not the goal of going on a responsible psychedelic experience, the participant needs to have a clear intention during the trip to maximize the benefits and should bring this intention with them in the days, weeks or even months after the experience during the integration phase.

In the spirit of harm reduction, it is important to highlight that psychedelics don’t come without risk. Facing repressed memories and emotions can be distressful and often represent more of a challenge than what people anticipate. However, with preparation, a safe environment, consciousness, and responsibility we can extract lessons even with the most challengings spiritual emergencies. Science can help us keep the risks to a minimum, so make sure to keep up to date with psychedelic science!

With the landscape in psychedelics right now we are in a middle way between taboo and mainstream. As Universities around the world reveal their findings on how to maximize the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics while keeping the adverse effects to a minimum, humans are in a unique position to rebuild our relationship with these sacred plants and fungi in a wholesome fashion. As we move forward we need to work on developing new rituals that fit our modern lifestyles and objectives. Looking back at our cultural heritage we can learn a lot about how to implement sacred substances in the context of an advanced civilization.

My heart feels like the world would be a better place if every human had the opportunity to have a meaningful psychedelic experience that resulted in enduring positive changes in their lives and their communities. The renewed worldview and the acute sense of universal interconnectedness are big contributors to the therapeutic effects of these substances, but beyond the healing potential, sacred ceremonies are the opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth that our society needs.

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