This is The Most Notable Thing About Humans.

A very short text about love.

Most Notable Thing About Humans – Alexandre Porto Dec 23, 2020 · 2 min read

most notable thing about humans
Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Humans have interacted with each other for only a few million years, whereas we have been around in one form or another for billions of years. Humans are just one tiny part of the universe and its history.

What is special about the human-animal? What makes it so different from everything else that exists in nature?

Well, humans are a bit taller and have bigger brains than other animals. But what is it that makes the human brain so special?

Well, humans are the only animals that can think abstractly and create complex language. But what is an abstract thought? Why do we need it?

Humans can not only create complex language but also use it to describe the things that they see and feel, as well as their ideas about what those things mean. The ability to create abstract language allows humans to communicate more effectively than any other animal.

The next time you have a conversation with someone, notice how they describe their feelings and emotions by using abstract language. They might say “I’m feeling great!” or “I feel terrible!”.

Or perhaps they will take a long sip of tea at the end of a long day, look at you and say “I love you.”

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