Never Go On A Psychedelic Ceremony Without This

Bring this with you and you will have a better grip on the psychedelic experience and on how to grow from the journey.

how to handle a psychedelic ceremony

The Psychedelic Ocean

Going on a psychedelic experience can be life-changing in beneficial and long-lasting ways. A big part of the long-term effects of psychedelic retreats comes as a product of an extensive process of integration. Psychedelic integration means to translate the psychedelic experience into positive changes in daily life. The integration comes after the journey itself and it can help the participant to give meaning to even the most challenging experiences.

Being on a psychedelic trip can feel overwhelming. Together with the characteristic sensation that we are part of everything and everything is also part of us, there can also be the feeling that we are alone in the experience. The weirdness and ineffable quality of the psychedelic journey contribute to the sensation that every trip is unique and particular to each psychonaut.

If you are engulfed by a world that you never experienced before that made you feel in ways you never felt before, then you may end up feeling like you have just been thrown in the middle of the ocean, left to swim for your life. This can be alarming, even to the most seasoned trippers. It is common to see reports of people who ‘lost grip with reality’ during the ceremony. How do we regain a grip on things in a way that allows us to navigate the psychedelic landscape looking for self-improvement?

Bring Your Intention With You

Before the trip, in the preparation stage, it is important to sit without distractions and ask yourself about your intention for the ceremony. This can be an aspect of life you would like to work on; bad habits you would like to kick; or simply feel a connection with the divine. Try to formulate questions and mentalize them during the trip.

I like to think of the psychedelic experience as an interview with knowledge being where I get to ask questions and receive answers. When, during the trip, I think of this interview scenario and I begin mentalizing the questions I came up with during the preparation stage, the effects start to focus and take a different shape, seeking to answer my questions.

This mental exercise can also help the participant to feel more decided and have a better posture regarding what to do during the psychedelic experience and how to progress in order to promote self-growth. If you don’t have any specific intention in mind or can’t come up with questions, then ask this:

1 — Who am I?

2 — What do I want?

These two questions are worth asking about at any time and anywhere. Both questions may have different answers at different times, so they are questions that we should ask ourselves often. There is always value in knowing more about who we are and knowing what we want can assist us in finding our way forward.

Thanks for reading and watching! Have a great journey.

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