Peak performance with Microdosing

Microdosing is how high-performance people implement the sacred benefits of psychedelics into a modern lifestyle without hallucinations. The benefits include increased capacity of concentration, enhanced sense of empathy, and neurogenesis.

To thrive in the increasingly competitive professional scene, high-performance people need constantly to look to improve and adapt. In this context, any tool that gives us a competitive edge is worth studying.

We are witnessing the psychedelic boom.

For many, the responsible integration of psychedelic substances in a productive lifestyle comes in the form of tiny doses spread out through months; we call this:


The sooner we develop balanced and responsible practices with psychedelics, the sooner we can benefit from them as a society.
Truffles microdose

Too Small to Fail

One of the great things about microdosing is that you get the benefits of psychedelics without inducing hallucinations

The participant is not supposed to directly feel the effects of microdose. The benefits of microdosing are observed through out months and ideally should not induce a psychedelic journey.

It's important to choose legal options of psychedelics available in your country.

This is surprising to most people, but know that there are numerous psychedelic plants and fungi which were never made illegal and are broadly available around the globe.

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I work with my affiliate Microdose-Pro base in Holland. They work with psychedelic truffles but also offer a precision scale, which is very important to make sure you take the right dose.

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One good example of such a legal organic substance is LSA. This substance is similar to LSD but grows in a little seed which is broadly available.

Read more about LSA.

My name is Alexandre Porto Perrella and in 2019 I moved to Holland to start my psychedelic career. Most of my clients came looking for professional assistance to build their microdosing routines.

Magic Truffles

In Holland the mushroom is illegal but we are allowed to sell another part of the fungus which is also rich in Psilocybe (responsible for the psychedelic effect) called Magic Truffles.

With the magic truffles, a normal dose (enough to engage in a psychedelic experience) is 10 grams of fresh truffles.

To microdose, the usual is to cut a normal dose 10 times. So a 10g pack which would normally be enough to start a journey contains 10 separate microdoses of 1 gram each.

The (micro)Dosage

The first thing you need to figure out is the appropriate dosage for you.

Look for a dose that is lower than the threshold dose necessary to trigger a psychedelic journey with noticeable effects. This comes with research and experimentation.

I recommend that you first start by microdosing on a free day. A microdose does not induce hallucinations, so it is relatively sound to experiment with it. However, You want to be prepared for a full trip in case you underestimate the dosage and its effects.

Remember, if you notice any psychedelic effect, the dose is too high and not appropriate for microdosing.

As soon as you found your ideal dose, you need to work out your microdosing schedule.

Microdosing Schedule

The most common routine involves taking one microdose every 2 days. Other professionals prefer to separate the doses with 4 days in between.

In order to figure out what works better for you the best way is to experiment and calibrate the routine to your objectives and convenience.

TO each person there is a perfect routine. To kick-off try one of the most popular schedules:

- 1 dose every 2 days:

This is the most popular microdosing routine. Here the participant takes a microdose one day and the next dose two days after.

- 1 dose every 4 days:

Some people prefer this routine because it gives more time for the body to build less tolerance, making each dose more effective.

Another advantage of this routine is that it requires fewer doses, which may be more convenient for some people.


The break is super important. This is the time of the year in which we pause the routine for a couple of weeks or even months.

I believe this stage is important because it gives us a chance to integrate the benefits of microdosing into standard awareness.

Some microdosers prefer to have a break in between 2 or 6 months of the process of microdosing.

What it looks like:

    Acquire the psychedelic;
    Find the perfect dose for you;
    Establish a weekly routine;
    Have a break of few weeks;

There are no reported side effects from microdosing, but be aware, maybe this is not the appropriate tool for you. This is why most microdosers keep the constant routine for a few months when they usually take a break of few weeks.