All you need to know to design and maintain a healthy relationship with sacred tools via microdose.


What is Microdosing?

Def. Microdose: To implement sacred tools in a balanced lifestyle by consuming them in a fraction of the dose necessary for a psychedelic journey. The objective is to increase benefits while minimizing adverse affects.

Microdosing has became a reliable tool of mindfullness, selfishless and conection with the whole.

Define a Protocol

Choose a dosage and routine that fits your lifestyle.

Start Routine

Stay with the schedule and learn how to benefit from microdosing.

Integrate Yourself

Get to know our opening times, ticket prices and discounts.

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How to Microdose?

Your microdosing routine starts with preparation.

The Key Is Intention

The most important in the preparation for microdosing is your intention. Defining your intention can be as simple as sitting alone and exploring within, asking yourself what benefits you want to extract from your microdosing routine, and integrating into a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Be flexible:

Allow yourself to revisit your intention and be flexible enough to redefine it as you learn more about yourself and microdosing.

Once you have the intention clear in your mind, write it down and mentalize it every day before a dose and even in the off-days that you didn’t take the microdose.

A good way to achieve this is to have a journal specifically designed for your microdosing routine and make sure to write on it every day. I’ll talk more about journaling and setting your intention in other articles.

For now, let’s talk about how you choose your ideal routine; what dose and at which schedule do you take the microdose?

Choosing The Microdosing Protocol

First, know that it’s ok to microdose intuitively. This allows for great flexibility and promotes self-knowledge. However, it is often beneficial to have a fixed schedule for the microdoses.

A microdosing protocol is not only limited to the schedule, it also includes the dosage.

How To Find The Right Dose?

The perfect dose changes from person to person, to find your own personal dose some exploration is needed, that’s why at the beginning of every microdosing cycle consider having a calibration week

A Microdose is a fraction of the necessary dose to engage in a full psychedelic journey. For the calibration week let’s start at 2.5% working our way up to 12.5% of the full dose.

Calibration Week

This first week of calibration is a good opportunity for the participant to investigate better the effects of the microdoses and the difference of effects between lower and higher doses.

This explorative stage is extremely useful for a successful microdosing routine.

The Calibration Week Schedule


Dose Day



Rest Day



Dose Day



Rest Day



Dose Day



Rest Day



Dose Day


By the end of the week, the participant will be in a better position to find their perfect dose for microdosing.

Throughout the week keep your intention in mind. Figuring out what dose to bring with you for your protocol is a type of art. Take a moment before every microdose to think about what you want from the sacred medicine and think about the day ahead using the calibration week as a benchmark.

For How Long Should I Microdose?

Some of the most popular psychedelic substances used in microdosing are also known to rapidly increase the tolerance in the body of the participant, meaning that the longer you microdose, the less effective it is.

Because of this, it is logical to set an end date for your protocol.

Usually, microdosing is done in cycles of one or two months with at least one month in between cycles.

Each one of the cycles brings its own lessons and experiences. The best way to go about extracting the most out of a microdosing schedule is to keep an intention firm in your mind.

  • Ask yourself what you want from the microdose;
  • Mentalize your intention every day, even the off days;
  • Think about your intention even after the cycle is over;

I believe that if you read this page until here, you already have enough information to develop your own microdosing routine in a way that maximizes benefits and minimizes adverse effects. However, I also think that a supportive community is super important, so please come talk to our community on Telegram and we can talk in real-time!