Look Inward:

Escaping The Feeling of Doom

alexandbre perrella
Alexandre Porto
2 min read
look inward

Humanity is in a state of existential dread and always has been. Science says that life began 3.5 billion years ago but it’s impossible to say how humanity came about because there are no records or documents, so we don’t really know who started the whole mess.

But we know that the first humans emerged in East Africa, and their brains were evolving rapidly. This means that they weren’t very smart compared to other animals around them. They had no physical advantages over apes or chimpanzees, but they did have a better brain.

The human brain is the best weapon we have. It’s one of the things that makes us so successful, but it also brings about our downfall. A good example would be nuclear weapons.

Nuclear weapons have the potential to destroy all of humanity. We could blow ourselves up, and maybe we will before another intelligent species comes along.

There are a lot of existential threats out there, but the most dangerous one is us. It isn’t an asteroid or a comet. The biggest threat to humanity lies within itself.

We would be better off if we had a different brain. But sadly, it’s the same old one that our ancestors had millions of years ago. We’re still stuck with this outdated version.

The persistent feeling of doom lies within the self.

It’s not a hypothetical fate you should fear, but the immediate status quo of the inside.

If you feel like your stomach is turning in your abdomen and your throat is tight suffocating your words: look inward.