Working the legal market of Microdosing with mushrooms.

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Alexandre Porto

In Amsterdam, I had the opportunity to talk professionally to high-performance people who wanted to implement Microdosing of mushrooms into their lifestyles.

Here are some of their most notable results:

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First I want to talk quickly about the back-end professional side of this market.

Since 2008, in Holland, the fruit (mushroom) of the psilocybe mushroom is illegal.

Microdosing professionally in Amsterdam
Photo by Leif Niemczik on Unsplash

As a way to circumvent this, the many mushroom farms and smart shops came to a new legal psychedelic product: the Magic Truffles.

Magic Truffles are formed when the fungus find it too difficult to grow the fruit, so as a defense mechanism, it hardens the mycelium in a mass of water, nutrients, and psilocybin.

The magic mushroom takes 7 days to mature and be ready to distribution; The truffles take 6 months.

After the prohibition of the mushroom many farms had to close since they didn’t have:
A) Technology to keep a highly sensitive product for 6 months;

B) Time, space and revenue to keep the operation running;

professional microdose with mushrooms
Photo by Jaap Straydog on Unsplash

So, cut to recent times and there is one brand for tourists that grows for only a few weeks and brings very weak effects. Sometimes the effects are barely noticeable.

They can be recognized by the size of each ball of truffles or by the fact that they are vacuum-sealed.

The other option is a product that originates from a top-quality farm run by two brothers. This farm produces truffles (brand name, Magic Truffles) with the most rigid safety and anti-contamination protocol.

They also count with enough products to meet the demand without losing quality (they mature their truffles until they are ready).

These kinds of truffles can be recognized by the fact that they are NOT vacuum sealed, and must be refrigerated because they come straight from the farm.

In the store I worked at many times I talked with high-performance people looking to improve some aspect of their lives. To many of them, I recommend a full journey. A whole dose to trigger a journey filled with insights, visions, and enlightenment.

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To many of my other clients, I talked about microdosing.

Microdosing is a dose that does not trigger a full 4–6-hour journey.

There are many routines attached to microdosing, but the modern way is to take one dose every two days.

Every two days a very small dose of truffles.

There are many types of distinct genetics of truffles and each of them brings a different personality.

For microdosing the difference between the types is barely noticeable, but usually, the type is known as the Tampanensis (aka Philosopher Stone) is used for microdosing.

Every two days one little dose of Tampanensis for the span of a few months. After the months of use, the effects may be evident. Many microdosers say that there are some clear benefits in microdosing:

Enhanced awareness in the present;

Better presence of spirit when executing tasks and talking to people;

More compassion and empathy;

Improved mindset and clarity of mind;

Quieter mental noise;

Effective for quiting addictions;

Clients claim many other benefits, but to me, it’s not conclusive at all. The microdosing effects can feel too pale to be noticeable with ordinary consciousness.

I say that the effects must be observed, not felt.

It may seem that evidence for the benefits of microdosing is merely anecdotal, and I agree.

To me, a full journey is much more effective to bring immediate results to work with. But I am an adventurer.

Some people are curious about the effects of the mushrooms but want to go slow, for them microdosing might be appropriate.

Other people had a full day journey and didn’t get much out of it. Not only that but after the trip, many people still feel some lingering effects for the span of weeks and months.

These effects are similar to the microdosing effects, so for those people, microdosing might be interesting also.

In Holland, magic truffles are classified as luxury food. So, it’s allowed by law to ship it to people. The only restriction to the physical stores is that the product may not be modified in any way. So no truffles in chocolate, no dried truffles, no nothing. You are only allowed to vacuum seal or sell them fresh out of the soil.

But I found that many companies are starting to send microdosing doses by mail. By webshop, it’s possible to buy two months’ work of microdoses of truffles at a reasonable price.

To introduce yourself into the world of psychedelics: look for a professional. Maybe it’s illegal to buy in your country, but you would be surprised by the available sacred substances available to you.

There are many options. One may try to use other substances, like LSA (present in Morning Glory seeds, for example, and highly available. Mostly legal). Another option would be to get yourself the spores (mostly legal everywhere) and grow your own mushroom at home (distribution is not well seeing by the law).

It’s better to don’t take drugs if you doubt the origin. Really.

Don’t disrespect the product, or the fungus will make sure you do. Perhaps gently, perhaps not.

Clear out any misconceptions you may have, don’t go on with experimentation if any doubt persists your head. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll give you a professional view of the matter.

There are many more things to write about this subject but on Medium, I like to be brief. So I’ll be discussing the matter further in the future.

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