Kratom: Smart Drug for a Highly Productive Lifestyle

Highly effective people looking for a competitive edge; Smart drugs can be a useful tool when used responsibly.

Alexandre Porto

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In the last 12 months, I built a new life in Amsterdam.

There, I had the opportunity to work in a smart shop. A smart shop is a shop that specializes in smart drugs.

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Smart Drugs

Mostly from vegetal or fungi origin, smart drugs are substances that are legal and potentially beneficial for the user.

Last year I talked to thousands of people about responsible ways of implementing these sacred substances into a highly productive lifestyle.

Many of my customers had an 8-hour job and were interested in introducing natural substances into their weekly routine.

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During these conversations, a few names popped out in my mind. Of the legal substances allowed in Holland, one of my favorites to introduce to people is:

What is Kratom?

Mitragyna speciosa, or Kratom, is a plant native from Southeast Asia. This plant produces leaves that when consumed (usually chewed or swallowed) in small quantities have a stimulating effect perfect for a long work journey.

Kratom is also an effective pain killer, which makes it perfect for workers in the outdoor sunny field. In fact, in Thailand Kratom is now illegal because many workers with long work journeys and painful jobs would get addicted to Kratom because of how often Kratom is used to make labor bearable. Technically Kratom is an opioid and its effects resemble a strong cup of coffee when taken in small doses but when taken in bigger doses Kratom resembles opium and is perfect for after-day work.

In small doses, Kratom is stimulating, but in big doses, the effect is expected to be lethargic and narcoleptic.

Kratom is less demanding for the body when compared to other opioids. And is capable of satisfying craves from the withdrawal of heavier opioids, making it a good option for people looking to detox from heroin or opium, for example.

In the active urban lifestyle, kratom can be used as an easy practical pain killer when a headache attack or any kind of pain, really.

What Dosage of Kratom?

Personally, I enjoy making a cup of tea with a teaspoon of powdered kratom leaves after work. After 40 minutes my body starts to feel like it’s melting with pleasant warmth and my mental state becomes quiet and calm.

I also enjoy a little teaspoon of Kratom after consuming cannabis. Cannabis is known for facilitating paranoia feelings and anxiety. Kratom is known for opening the psyche, making the user receptive and clear-headed. Many of my clients say that it’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you have Kratom.

In small doses:

Perfect for social situations. Good for work and active environments. It’s traditionally used in the morning to make the day more pleasant.

In big doses:

Ideal for relaxing at the end of the day. Higher doses of Kratom are more effective as a painkiller but are also more narcoleptic. The higher dose can still be active and social.

The way to go about finding the right dosage is to experiment slowly. Start with a little teaspoon and wait a few hours to see how your body reacts. Your body may need a few tries until it gets used to the substance, so for many people, the first few doses don’t work at all.

After, experiment with higher doses and see how you feel and judge for yourself what is the best way to implement the substance in your ordinary routine.

Be aware: even though Kratom is gentle with the human body, it can be addictive. Kratom is very easily implemented into one’s routine and it CAN cause craves. Check legality in your region.

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