Know This Before You Start Microdosing With Psychedelics

The Most Important Part of Your Microdose Routine

If your microdosing protocol lacks structure and the benefits of the microdose aren’t clear, try adding this to your routine.

As a professional psychonaut, sometimes I catch myself speaking about things that I don’t have a lot of experience with, and this makes me uneasy.

One of the most popular psychedelic themes in this business is microdosing, and even though I had had many full doses resulting in complete psychedelic journeys I had never microdosed before and this bothered me.

Yes, I had experimented with super low doses before, but I don’t consider that by itself microdosing.

To me, a microdose is not limited by the fact that the participant is taking a dose of a psychedelic substance that is lower than the threshold to engage in a full psychedelic voyage.

I only consider it to be microdosing when the participant follows a scheduled protocol and brings their intention with them.

This is why I enrolled in the Microdosing Institute’s Explore Microdose and their 6-week program to learn more about how to improve my own life with microdosing, and also how to be a better professional in the area.

Don’t get me wrong, if you microdose intuitively, there’s nothing wrong with it, the important is that you develop a specific intention, and bring your intention with you every day of your microdosing routine.

The reason for that is that when you think about what you want to get out of the microdosing protocol, you redirect your view, thoughts, and actions in a way to make your intention come true.

By gradually working your way up to the intention (even on the off days) you are creating a structure, that is going to be a fundamental pillar during the integration process that comes after the microdosing stage is over.

In this article, I want to speak a little about the one thing that I added to my first time doing microdose consciously and with the intention that made all the difference, and to me, it is the defining characteristic of a successful microdosing cycle.

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A Supportive Community

There are three main benefits of microdosing alongside a supportive community.

1 — Organize Your Ideas For Others

dice organized mirodose
Organize your ideas — Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

Do you notice the mental shortcuts that you take whenever you are mentally “dialoguing” with yourself?

Humans think with symbols, this means that every single person has to develop their own personal inward vocabulary. This vocabulary only has to make sense to yourself and it works great because with a personal mental language we can take shortcuts and can go deeper into our ideas without worrying about linguistics.

However, this also allows for corners of our minds that we don’t visit or organize quite as often as when we have to express our internal thoughts to other people frequently.

This means that if you don’t have the opportunity to communicate your internal thoughts to other people, then there is no need to organize your ideas!

This is useful because it forces you to bring everything to the surface and mentally organize your intellect in a way that makes sense to others.

2 — Bigger Range of Microdosing Experiences

umberella range of experiences
Big range of experiences — Photo by Red Zeppelin on Unsplash

By taking some time every week to share your discoveries and challenges you organize your ideas, and by listening to other people you accumulate new ideas.

The value that an active and supportive community can offer is the richness of experiences that each person in the community can add to your own.

Most participants have their heads so focused on their own experiences and intentions and are not attuned to the benefits and challenges that others may face.

There are some benefits and challenges that other people lived through that you are just not going to experience by yourself.

If you are thinking to become a professional and help other people navigate their own microdosing protocols, then this is key, because you need to have a grip on the range of different effects that microdoses have on different people.

If you are looking to improve your own life, this is also super important, because the challenges of others are going to be your challenges in the future, and having time to prepare for a challenge is a rare privilege that only an open community can offer.

3 — Real-Time Microdosing Support

people in the beach microdosing
Real-time support with an active community — Kimsom Doan

Honestly, there’s no bigger comfort than knowing that whatever happens, we have somebody there to listen to us.

Having a community available to me with a few clicks of a keyboard or just a Zoom call away, helped me keep myself together during the toughest challenges during my microdosing cycle.

Knowing that I could talk at any time with someone who was going through the same thing as I was so comforting and helpful that many times I didn’t even have to actually contact anyone.

Frequently I found that just the fact that I had the community available was enough to stabilize myself and go deeper into my journey.

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