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Do you know how to improve your life with Cannabis?

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Here at Cabbanis we believe that it’s time to dismantle prejudice and tackle the issue of responsible use of Cannabis.

My name is Alexandre Porto Perrella, I founded the company Cabbanis with the mission of reducing harm. To do this I introduce the idea that Cannabis can be introduced into the routine of highly productive people if they are responsible and well informed.

We must use this moment in which the world reverses the “war on drugs” to rebuild our relationships with the Cannabis plant with the objective or promoting self-growth and the betterment of life in modern society.

“We can help you develop your own Cannabis routine supported by science.”

— Alexandre Porto
Creator of Cabbanis

How Can Cannabis Help You?

I believe that the first step to a healthy Cannabis routine is defining a clear objective. This means that you should ask yourself what you want to achieve from the use of Cannabis.

How can Cannabis benefit you?

People who treat themselves with Cannabis have reported:

  • Increased Capability To Get Into Creative Flow State;
  • Success Managing Addiction and Bad Habits;
  • Better Sleep;
  • Ease To Relax in Stressful Situations;

This information is science-backed

There are two schools of Cannabis Therapy


People who choose this method do not want to get high. With no mental effect, CBD is legal in most countries and helps millions of people with pain management, sleep, relaxation, among other benefits.


The THC is the active substance in the Cannabis flower and at certain levels does get the patient high. It’s the ideal therapy for mental work and creativity. It’s the main choice for the relief of degenerative diseases.

Let me break this down for you:

CBD (non-psychoactive)

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most popular derivative of Cannabis. It’s extremely simple to use and it is broadly available due to the fact that it doesn’t get the patient high, as THC does.

CBD is the main option for those looking to alleviate pain without worrying about noticeable mental effects.

“Medical cannabis replaced my need for oxycodone. Now I don’t need them at all.”

Subject in Cannabis research

Better Sleep

Many of my clients choose CBD because it’s an effective product to assist with sleeping and insomnia. In the form of concentrated oil, the patient may use a few drops of CBD under the tongue 20 minutes before bed for an effortless sleep.


CBD is also known as an effective way to heal the skin and muscles. For high-performance athletes, CBD is a good option because it’s not tested in competitive drug tests and it’s efficient in keeping muscular fatigue at a minimum.

Skin Lotion

Many of the CBD cosmetics are taking the place of conventional products because it’s has been shown to protect the skin better than ordinary options and keeps the skin moisturized for more time.

If you would like assistance with CBD please don’t hesitate to contact me:

Our CBD partner can help you find the perfect product for you

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THC (psychoactive)

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis. High levels of THC in a product usually indicates that that product is capable of generating noticeable mental effects.

Popularly, it’s said that THC makes you high.

The effects of THC are deeply beneficial for those who know how to use it. However, it can be challenging to introduce high-THC cannabis into the routine of highly productive people.

A scientific study suggested that the misuse of THC can actually impair the performance, so professional assistance is paramount to the success of implementing high-THC products into one’s routine.

I would like to help you to implement Cannabis into your routine while simultaneously balancing your responsibilities and health

What should we talk about?


Pain Management, Cicatrization, Better Sleep, Relaxation, CBD means comfort.


Therapy with THC shows quick results and allows for deep personal growth and discovery.

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