What Cannabis Strain Should You Buy?

cabbanis seeds how to choose

Choosing the perfect Cannabis seed for your cultivation may be challenging.

On this page, I talk about how the Cabbanis team goes about selecting the cannabis genetics we support.

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The Best Automatic Genetics Available

All of the strains featured in our list came from the most reputable breeders in the world.

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Domestic Cannabis

Here at Cabbanis, we work to implement cannabis in modern society in the most balanced way possible, by introducing residential cultivation of cannabis plants.

Do your part for legalization; adopt a cannabis plant.

In order to do this, the choice of cannabis strain is fundamental.

We look for seeds that are:

  • Forgiving to mistakes;
  • Compact;
  • Quick Life Cycle;
  • Discreet;
  • Requires small amounts of light;

Often we find all of these characteristics in what we call Automatic seeds.

The Automatic strains are an advancement in the cannabis genetics that crosses Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica with the less popular type of Cannabis called Ruderalis.

All the following can be found on the official page of the breeder:

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Cannabis Ruderalis

The Ruderalis is tough.

difference cannabis types
Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

This is one of the most resistant types of Cannabis. It’s native of parts of the globe that receives almost no sunlight during winter.

The wild version of this genetic type is known for being:

  • Small;
  • Low in THC Content;
  • Extra Resistant.

Another key feature of this plant is that, unlike the tropical variants, the Ruderalis doesn’t flower according to the season of the year, but rather it blooms according to the age of the plant.

The Ruderalis has developed to accumulate energy in vegetation –when light is abundant – and to flower almost in full darkness during the winter.

This means that when the automatic cannabis is cultivated at home we can use any type of light schedule and still manage to have a healthy plant.

Automatic Seeds

For decades, the most passionate breeders worked on solidifying certain characteristics of specific strains to create our favorite Cannabis plants.

cannabis detailed drawing
Walther Otto Müller, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the most notable genetic engineering techniques is to cross a high-potency strain of Cannabis Indica or Sativa with Ruderalis getting a high-THC Automatic strain.

Automatic Strains deal well with almost any kind of light potency and schedule.


They are usually smaller than photoperiodic plants and therefore more appropriate for residencial cultivation.


The smell is said to be discreet, but this varies from strain to strain.


One of the most appealing things about Automatic Seeds is that they are much quicker than their photoperiodic counter-parts.

The Best Automatic Seeds for Urban Grow:

How to Choose the Perfect Seed

First, you must ask yourself a few questions:

Inside or Outside?

What Kind Of Light Will The Plant Have Available?

What Kind of Effect do You Look For?

Inside or Outside?

There’s a big difference between cultivating a Cannabis plant outside VS cultivating it inside.


In comparison with indoor, plants cultivated outside usually have:

  • more space;
  • more sunlight,

So it’s preferable that you chose strains known for being big so that you can take full advantage of the space and light available.


Cannabis plants cultivated indoor are usually compact with a denser structure.

This means small stature and dense buds.

Indoor plants can be supplemented with artificial light or not.

If you are using artificial light, then the light schedule and light availability may not be a problem, but if you are growing the plant with sunlight, then some plants may not respond well.

In the case of balcony or window sill cultivation, I recommend plants that are known for being quick, small, and high-potency.

What Kind of High?

The second thing our team looks for when we choose the strain for our next cultivation is to decide what high we are looking for.

We prefer flowers that produce a social, paranoia-free high.

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Sativa VS Indica

If you have been interested in Cannabis strains for some time you probably heard about Sativa VS Indica and this is how most people stand regarding the differences between them:

Sativas – Mental creative high very high energy perfect for external environments.

Indicas – Responsible for couch-locking high. Lower energy than Sativas and more noticeable in the body.

Keep in mind that this classification is a subjective classification.

However, this way to classify cannabis is useful to keep in mind when we look for the perfect cannabis seed for us.

The Best Automatic Seeds for Urban Grow:

These two categories are arbitrary and not true for everybody. You must discover how you react to both types of genetics.

In terms of plant appearence, the Sativas are usually taller with thin leaves while the Indicas usually presents thicker leaves and bushy (wider than taller) plants.

The crosses between Ruderalis and Sativas are not very stable, so it’s more common that we find commercially Indica dominant strains mixed with Ruderalis.

Most Automatic Strains are Indica dominant.

The Best Automatic Seeds for Urban Grow:

The Seeds We Work With Include: