How To Be a Great Person?

Being a great man means being inherently good at what you do.

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Alexandre Porto

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Before I start, when I say “man” I mean a human being, not a male person.

Being a great man is not something that you can achieve simply because your father and mother made you great, or because others have given it to you.

Being a great man means being inherently good at what you do.

A great person is not a brute warrior with the strength to tear down any opponent in his or her path or an influential leader who can rally thousands of people behind them.

A great human is someone who knows what needs to be done and does it without hesitation.

Be someone who can live up to your own expectations.

Likewise, you must know when and how to let others shine through their own strengths, rather than living in the shadows of other people’s achievements.

Give yourself to the purpose of your own life, and do not let trivialities or failures get in the way.

Be willing to stand alone if that’s what it takes for you to do whatever needs doing.

A great man is someone who can see the big picture and knows how to take down their opponent by attacking at a weak point that others cannot find.

She or he does not wait for others to tell them what needs doing;

You should see it with his own eyes.

A great man is not measured by how many men he has killed, nor is a man considered to be truly great if he does nothing but kill.

In fact, the opposite is true;

It takes more courage and effort to conquer one’s own self than to kill someone else.

Killing others takes no action on the part of the killer: one simply pulls out their gun and shoots another person dead.

To conquer oneself requires much more time, patience, and determination; a man must first learn who they are before they can overcome themselves.

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A great man is one who can admit to his own mistakes and faults, particularly when those mistakes are made in the presence of others.

What does it take for a man to be able to do this?

It takes courage, not only on their part but also on the part of other men whom they have offended or wronged.

A full human must first know what he or she has done so that they may make amends with themselves and seek forgiveness from others .

Otherwise, any apology would seem false.

The great man also seeks to improve himself.

Know that you are not perfect.

In fact, no one can ever be truly perfect because perfection is a goal that can never be fully attained.

The greatest men both know their flaws and continually strive to overcome them.

Because of these traits, a great man is open to their own mistakes and criticisms.

He knows that you will never be perfect; instead, seek to improve yourself so that you may become better than before.

To conquer oneself is not an easy task. However, it is the only way to become a truly great man.

I hope this has been helpful.

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