5 Tips For The Perfect Psychedelic Journey

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Today I want to talk a little about my personal psychedelic checklist that I always make sure to consult before a day-long trip.

One should not adventure the psychedelic landscape without proper preparation.

I recommend that you prepare the environment in a way that gives you the confidence to face even the most challenging experience.

I prepared 5 points to keep in mind before the psychedelic journey.

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Joseph binder, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
1 — Have a Clear Objective

Scientific research reveals that the psychedelic state is one of the increased disorder.

This means that to get meaning out of a psychedelic experience one must have a clear idea of what they want to achieve and exactly what kind of part of themselves they wish to work on,

Psychedelics can help you tremendously, but you need to know how to conduct the trip.

I recommend that you write down your objectives and mentalize them during the experience.

2 — Find The Appropriate Substance

Each person has a different objective and to each objective, there is a different substance.

You must study your objectives and make an educated decision on what psychedelic substance is more aligned with your objectives.

Don’t worry about availability.

The psychedelic world is brand in the sense that there is a legal psychedelic option available to every person in every country in the world. You must do proper research and inform yourself of what options is available to you legally.

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3 — Find A Familiar Place; Trip With People You Trust;
what to know before the psychedelic experience
Carl Gustav Carus, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

To me, this is the most important point.

The best way to have a firm grip on the psychedelic experience is to set the environment before the trip.

If you consume the substance in a place where you feel comfortable and with no chance of being interrupted by someone else, you will be able to handle even the most intense self-confronting mystical experiences.

If this is not true, chances are that you will subconsciously fight against the effects of the substance and you will:

  • a — Limit the experience;
  • b— Create an uncomfortable situation for yourself;

It’s important to be with someone you trust because you don’t want to be with someone you can’t be yourself with.

Especially because the sacred substances that induce psychedelic journeys have the notable characteristic of bringing to the surface intimate sides of ourselves that are intimidating to reveal to strangers.

4 — Prepare Your Inventory

I always tell my customers to always keep in mind during the voyage that they already carry all the tools they need to handle any level of challenging the psychedelic trip.

The issue is that during the trip it may seem extremely hard to get a grip on reality and the beginner usually needs time and practice to successfully navigate the psychedelic landscape.

Because of this, I recommend that you carry with you some external tools to serve as a psychological crutch in the moments that we feel like panicking.

Increase Serotonin

Have with you foods that have the capacity of increasing serotonin levels.

  • Chocolate;
  • Nuts;
  • Fruits;
Decrease Cortisol

The most popular psychedelic substances act on the serotonin receptors. Because of this, during the trip the psychonaut’s body may reach a point in which it stops producing serotonin and instead, to balance the system, increases Cortisol levels.

Cortisol is a hormone that can make us sad, angry, on the verge of panic.

To decrease Cortisol: Vitamine C.

Vitamine C can be found in most citric fruits and it helps the body to metabolize Cortisol. So if you feel like you are about to engage in a Bad-Trip, I think it’s a good idea to consume sources of Vitamine C.

Bring with your clothes for the ocasion. Prepare to spend the entire day in the place that you choose to trip in.

5 — Explore In Real-Time

An effective way to have the journey under control.

If things don’t go the way that they usually go I will not be surprised, I’ll just explore it in real-time.

In order to do this, the psychonaut must train their spirit to stay present. They must have the flexibility of mind to end verbalization and focus on what is going on externally.

A good mindset is to see the psychedelic trip as a self-exploration experience.

I see myself as a mind-explorer and go into the journey with a beginner`s mind.

It’s beneficial to unlearn everything that I think I know about psychedelics and go into each journey like it was my first trip.

These are my 5 tips for you.

If you have your own checklist or you agree with some of my tips, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and contact me!

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