Improve Your Life With Fibonacci.

Fibonacci’s Secret: Tomorrow = Today + Yesterday

The Fibonacci Sequence reveals a rule for a better future

The Fibonacci sequence is a pattern that can be identified in many (many many many…) natural structures. For example, flowers tend to develop in Fibonacci’s fashion.


We can understand this pattern by starting with Zero and One (0 and 1).

The next number will be the result of the sum of the last number plus the one before it.


After, it sums the last result (today) with the before-last (yesterday) to result on the next-number: 2


Then, it repeats. 2+1=3


0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13, … …

A real-life representative of this sequence is shown as follows:

Notice how the shell develops from a very intricate slow structure and growths to achieve epic proportions with repetitive progressive work.

Thanks to Ira Mint @iramint

I’m interested in knowing what the benefits of implementing Fibonacci-like behaviors in my life are.

Recently I have been super observant, trying to identify this pattern in unexpected ways and trying to benefit from it.

I am still discovering how I can recognize this pattern in human behavior, but I think it gets easier with time.

How does this pattern manifest itself in my life?

Tomorrow is today plus yesterday.

Simple like this.

If I want to apply Fibonacci into my life, I must do it one step at a time.

Tomorrow = Today + Yesterday

The results of tomorrow are going equal to be the sum of efforts and results of today plus the efforts and results of yesterday.

Since yesterday contains all the efforts and results of all the previous days, tomorrow will too contain all that I am today, plus what I was yesterday.

fibonacci better life

If I am learning some new skill, maybe I’m teaching myself how to code, or learning how to speak a new language, I can apply the knowledge of this pattern to my benefit.

I study all that I can today and at the end of the day, I assimilate my work with the entirety of all that I learned the previous days tomorrow I’ll have a firmer grip on the subject I’m working on.

fibonacci example in flower

I believe that this has many applications in my life and being conscious of this pattern has made my life much better because I can navigate through the pattern of evolution.

This gives me the confidence to know that tomorrow I’ll definetely be further down the evolution path than I was today and definetely than I was yesterday.

The knowledge of Fibonacci’s sequence also gives me the motivation to work every day on evolving myself without skipping one day.

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