Describe The Psychedelic Experience To Someone Who Never Tripped Before

Describing the psychedelic experience to someone who never had a mystical experience and is planning their first experience:

first psychedelic trip what to expect
How does it feel to trip? — Foto de Meriç Dağlı

You may have heard a lot recently about new studies researching the benefits of psychedelic retreats. Coming from a background where drug use was taboo, I find it liberating to see that the psychedelic conversation has become mainstream. However, there is something paradoxical about speaking about the psychedelic experience, since it is subjective, unique to each participant, and fundamentally ineffable.

Putting the psychedelic experience into words is super challenging. This can have a negative impact on aspiring psychonauts preparing for their first psychedelic ceremony. As a professional in this area, part of my job is to help people manage their expectations by giving them general descriptions that can help them visualize and prepare for the most common psychedelic themes:

Altered Perception

Colors, shapes, and patterns may appear more vivid and intense, and the world around you may seem to come alive in new and unexpected ways. The occurrence of novelties increases immensely, everything seems new and it seems like we are seeing the world for the first time. The change in how we see and perceive the world is one of the most significant aspects of the psychedelic experience and it can be leveraged into positive changes in our daily lives if integrated correctly.

What is Psychedelic Integration?
Benefiting from sacred medicine goes much beyond the experience itself. Integration is how we grow from the

Heightened Emotions

Plant medicine can evoke intense emotions, both positive and negative. Be open to what comes to the surface and observe. You could note a deep sense of interconnectedness with others or you could experience fear and anxiety. Even the most challenging experiences can translate into positive changes in our lives. The emotions that are highlighted during the ceremony usually indicate the way to an important lesson.

Time Distortion

A particular characteristic of the mystical experience is the feeling that time has slowed down, or that it has sped up. Some people even experience the sensation that there is no time at all. The concept of time may become abstract and strangely hard to grasp. This is one of the reasons why it is important to reserve the entire day for the journey.

Time slowed down more as the trip progressed. A sober person’s seconds were now turning into hours in my psychedelic world. — Multidimensional Source Code Unveiling by Brad J

Enhanced Creativity

You may experience new insights or perspectives on familiar ideas or problems. This is the perfect mindset not only for brainstorming but also connecting the dots and going deep into the ideas. Psychedelics have been known to enhance creativity and foster new ways of thinking. It is important to define your intention for the ceremony during the preparation stage and bring it with you for the trip. It will guide your creativity to fertile psychedelic landscapes.

Spiritual Connection

Humanity has used psychedelic substances to promote a connection with the transcendental. In a shamanic context, changing one’s consciousness is a way to achieve a spiritual connection. This can be felt as a sense of oneness with the universe or a higher power.


It’s valuable to remind you that the sacred experience is unique to each person. Until you have the opportunity to experience it yourself, things other people may tell you about the voyage are most likely going to steer you away from the truth about the experience. 

Being there at the peak of a mystical experience is everything, except something that can be described. I believe that this indescribable aspect of plant medicine adds to the mystery about it, but it should provoke curiosity, and not fear. There are risks involved in the use of psychedelic substances, so prepare accordingly.

  • Research;
  • Set Intentions;
  • Create a Safe and Comfortable Environment;
  • Practice Mindfulness;
  • Build a Support System;
  • Integrate the Experience;

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