Conquer yourself. Now.

A comprehensive guide to conquering yourself right now.

Alexandre Porto

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What is conquering yourself?

To conquer yourself, one has to have a self.

One’s identity as an individual should be completely obliterated for your own self to be defeated. If the self-identity of an individual is not so easily destroyed, then it cannot be said that this person has conquered himself or herself.

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To begin with, it is difficult to define the self. How would you describe yourself? What makes up your identity?

Looking at you, it is clear that your physical appearance makes up a significant part of your identity.

Your body and facial features are unique to you.

However, the human brain also plays an important role in defining one’s identity as who he or she is.

Your mind has a seemingly infinite capacity to hold memories and information. Your thoughts are uniquely yours, and that is what makes you who you are.

If you lose your body, or even worse if you lose your mind because of a severe accident or disease, then it could be said that you no longer exist as an individual.

You are not the same person anymore.

Therefore, if you truly want to conquer yourself, by all means, destroy your body and obliterate your mind. Become someone else entirely.

The human experience is built upon a foundation of knowledge, perception, and thought. The human has no true understanding or comprehension of any of these three constructs.

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Knowledge is obtained through learning from another that already knows the subject. This knowledge is then accumulated and stored in the brain for future use.


Perception is the interpretation of data acquired by the human senses. The brain takes in information and decides what it should be paying attention to.


The thought is the processing of data stored in memory and knowledge. This process creates a reaction to that data.

The human then decides what action or reaction should be taken based on their perceptions.

All human action is based on these three constructs. The human has no true self-control because the actions of their brain are dictated by what they think about things.

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In order to conquer one’s self, the human must break free of their knowledge and perceptions.

They must come to understand that not all things are what they appear.

The true nature of reality can be discovered by experimentation.

You have to conquer yourself before you can conquer the world.

The first thing I would say is that often, people don’t really know themselves very well. They may think they do because they have a sense of self-awareness but this isn’t enough to understand yourself thoroughly.

Self-knowledge is very deep and profound. It requires a great deal of self-reflection, introspection, and observing yourself in the course of your daily life.

It also requires a great deal of knowledge about yourself, for example, what are your goals and ambitions in life? Are you satisfied with the direction your life is going in?

However, people often lack this kind of self-knowledge because they are too busy with the business of living. They don’t stop to introspect and reflect on their lives.

Furthermore, it is hard to see yourself as others see you. You can’t really understand yourself simply by looking in the mirror and seeing what you look like.

You’re also the only one who can properly know yourself, and you need to look deep inside yourself

Conquering the self

You have to conquer yourself before you can conquer the world. To do this, you must learn to control your thoughts and emotions.

Without control of thought and emotion, you can never be truly honest with yourself.

Honesty is the foundation of self-control. Honesty about who you are, what you want, and why.

Once you know yourself and your motives, only then can you make a conscious decision about how to act.

Once you have conquered yourself, your mind will be clear and focused.

In this state of mind, you will be able to see what needs to be done in order for you to conquer the world.

We can distinguish the true self from the false one if we are not too proud to do so. When we think about it, when we try to be honest with ourselves and see what part of us is really worth keeping and nurturing rather than destroying, then there will be something left that seems like a genuine core.

We have to ask ourselves what is truly valuable and worthwhile in life, what is really worth keeping. Happiness perhaps? Positivity or contentment? What about love, joy, or freedom?

I think that the answer to your question, dear friend, is that we need a balance.

We must find our own way and it would be foolish to follow somebody else’s ideals or standards.

We must be careful not to lose sight of who we are or what is important to us, lest we let the false self take over. When this happens, when our identity becomes blurred and confused, it can lead to a sense of becoming lost in life.

At the same time, we must also consider how to grow and improve, as that is a part of our natural tendency. It would be foolish for us to stay stagnant and never progress or evolve.

When we look back at our history, one of the most common mistakes that people have made, in my opinion, is to assume that they are perfect and always right. This leads them down a path of self-destruction.