What you feel, they feel: Charisma Mastery

Vibe synchronizing is a thing. This is how you do it:

Alexandre Porto
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There’s rhythm in everything.

Socially it’s important to have manipulation power over the rhythm.

The rhythms in human social interactions can be complex and hard to master without practice.

In the world of conscious development of charisma, many hidden patters are revealed to never again disappear from awareness.

There’s a principle that has proven itself in the “field” time and time again.

Whatever you feel, they feel;

This principle suggests that whatever rhythm you keep, the other people around you tend to automatically synchronize with you. So, whatever you feel (and keep feeling for a certain amount of time); they feel.

If you are energetic and happy, other people will tend to act like you; energetic and happy.

If you feel sad and hurt, other people will feel sad and hurt too.

The trick is to consciously choose a certain rhythm and stick with it. Consistently holding one vibration is key when you desire to change by making the environment synchronize to your own energy.


In social dynamics, the rhythm is the particular frequency of the body and spirit of someone.

This means that when in a social environment the human body will react to the environment and assume a certain vibration. The same also happens to mental order.

Mentally, be aware of the speed of thoughts. Notice how calmly and organized your thoughts articulate themselves.

If you feel that your ideas are rushed and that your mental verbalization has much “backgroundnoise, then try to develop techniques to bring mental silence.

Where the mind goes, the body goes;

Where the body goes, the mind follows.

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One easy technique would be to bring attention to the mental state and take deep breaths. It’s important to keep in mind:

You can’t calm agitated water with a flat hand. You must take your hand away and wait.

Like this, if the mental lake of thoughts is agitated, it’s necessary to take a step back and let the system meet the balance.

Once you are comfortable with the mental rhythm; the next step is to find the appropriate rhythm for the particular interaction you are navigating through and maintain this frequency until you are satisfied.

How to find the appropriate rhythm?

The truth is that the only way to find this out is to discover which rhythms are right and what rhythms are wrong for each particular situation.

I find it extremely difficult to master these rhythms without hands-on practice.

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From personal experience, I discovered that a good way to have social success in many social interactions is to understand the other person’s rhythm and use unexpected rhythms every once in a while.

This becomes clear with practice.

Each person has a good personal technique that must be discovered in real-time in the “field”. I recommend to:

1- Be present;

2- Be comfortable;

3- Let the groove get in;

Once in rhythm, the analytical brain will be unable to grip control over the particular frequency of the rhythm, so this is an instinctive activity.

Now that you found an appropriate rhythm, it’s important to maintain it.

Maintaining the rhythm

It’s important to maintain the rhythm because only by keeping the body and mind stable the other people around you will be able to understand your rhythm and synchronize with you. Keep in mind that people are ordinarily not aware of this at all.

“Being like a rock wall” is when a master of martial arts suddenly becomes like a rock wall, inaccessible to anything at all, immovable.” — Book of Five Rings, Musashi

The nobility of spirit means that the spirit does not react easily to external or internal factors.

For example, being of a noble family means that for many generations this family has not changed much of its tradition and core.

Bein a noble person means that you keep your set of principles firm and immutable.

Your navigation of reality is consistent and your rhythm does not hesitate. The posture doesn’t flinch. Your spirit is stable in a certain rhythm. Unshakable by the external.

Social rich venues are like a chemical brew.

Many elements interact with each other creating many types of different rhythms.

As one of these elements, in a place full of people interacting there are many rhythms being manifested. It takes practice to not change with the many influences around you.

Be like a rock wall.

Get comfortable; Get in rhythm; Keep the rhythm;

Don’t let a hurtful comment change your vibration.

Be so solid that nothing — nothing — can change your rhythm if you don’t want it to.

How to benefit from this?

This particular technique of finding the appropriate rhythm and maintaining it is contagious.

There are many situations in which it’s important to ignore strong internal or external influences and maintain a certain rhythm.

Most people have the tendency to synchronize with someone they interact with.

Be conscious of your energy before you approach a group that you don’t know yet.

Are you being too energetic and carrying neurotic energy? They might become super agitated and anxious.

Are you approaching a group that seems sad? Go with calm and ease, clear in mind, and full of presence in the eyes. See what happens.

Charisma mastery takes practice. If you have something you find interesting to share, please don’t hesitate to contact me and we can share ideas.