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  • Plantas E Ervas Para Sonho Lúcido

    Durma mais profundamente; navege seus sonhos com consciência e lembre-se dos sonhos no dia depois com esses aliados naturais Se você é como eu, deve adorar explorar os seus sonhos. Cada um dos personagens, eventos e cenários são parte de seu subconsciente que normalmente se mantêm escondidos da nossa consciência acordada. No processo de auto-desenvolvimento, […]

  • You Don’t See Reality How It (Actually) Is

    How Psychedelics Offered Me A New Perspective On Life A few years ago I left my bachelor’s course at Brazil’s top university the University of São Paulo to move to Holland, where I kicked off my career in the area of the responsible use of psychedelics. My main motivation when I directed my professional goal to […]

  • How Can Psychedelics Treat Depression?

    “I feel like I used to before the depression” — Participant from Imperial College of London Psilocybin Trial Can a safe and therapeutic Magic Mushroom journey have a positive impact on the outlook of life of patients with depression? If you are a psychedelic researcher like myself, then you heard of Robin Carhart-Harries who conducted many of […]

  • So You Want a Career in Psychedelics…

    The Professional path of the modern “Medicine Man” Career in psychedelics – Alexandre Porto Mar 26 · 8 min read Professional Tripper Psychedelic means manifestation of the mind. Oxford Dictionary — PsychedelicOrigin1950s formed irregularly from psyche + Greek dēlos ‘clear, manifest’ + -ic. Any event that results in the broadening of the mind can be classified as a psychedelic experience. The mystical […]

  • Look Inward:

    Escaping The Feeling of Doom Alexandre Porto 2 min read Humanity is in a state of existential dread and always has been. Science says that life began 3.5 billion years ago but it’s impossible to say how humanity came about because there are no records or documents, so we don’t really know who started the whole mess. […]

  • Be Popular Without Losing Yourself

    Don’t let conformism kill your writing. At our core, we desire acceptance from others, whether it is in the form of love for another person or groupaffirmation as a way to achieve status within society. Humans also desire to be unique, special individuals. We want to feel that we have value and worth, so we will […]

  • Preparing For a (life-changing) Psychedelic Experience

    To prepare for a sacred mystical experience is to prepare for life. Preparing for a Life-Changing Psychedelic Experience – Alexandre Porto Feb 4 · 5 min read I have seen many people talk about how to prepare for a psychedelic trip, yet I do not think they know what it is like. For example, one might say ‘you should eat […]

  • What you feel, they feel: Charisma Mastery

    Vibe synchronizing is a thing. This is how you do it: Alexandre Porto 5 min read There’s rhythm in everything. Socially it’s important to have manipulation power over the rhythm. The rhythms in human social interactions can be complex and hard to master without practice. In the world of conscious development of charisma, many hidden patters […]

  • Should I Look In The Mirror During A Psychedelic Trip?

    Is it OK to look in a mirror during a psychedelic experience? Should You Look In The Mirror During a Psychedelic Experience? Alexandre Porto – Oct 4, 2020·9 min read In my opinion, staring at your own face in the mirror during a psychedelic experience can trigger a powerful inner journey. The face that I […]

  • Master Any Skill. Fast.

    Master Any Skill. Fast.

    I will tell you how I would learn any skill quickly. Alexandre Porto 3 min read Knowing Progress I don’t know if there is a single way to master any art fast, so I will instead tell you how I would go about learning any skill quickly. First, I would need to have or create a reliable […]