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  • LSA — The Legal and Natural Alternative to LSD

    This legal substance can be the tip of the psychedelic renaissance. LSA is an organic substance produced naturally in the seed of some species of creeper plants. This substance is capable of inducing mystical and deeply meaningful sensorial journeys similar to the effects of the synthetic psychedelic substance: LSD. The implications of a naturally grown […]

  • Salvia Nostalgia: A Familiar Place

    Did you ever feel nostalgic during a Salvia Divinorum trip? Hello! Two years ago I had my first experience smoking salvia. After that first time, I tried a few more times and I’m still trying to figure this psychedelic out. I find Salvia fascinating because I believe that it reveals some deep truths about the […]

  • Psychedelic Use Can Help With Your Writing

    Be Present and Forget Old Habits Posted originally at The Trip. Check them out! Alexandre Porto – 8 min read Writing is a process of understanding and expressing the world through language, as well as an activity that helps us to understand ourselves better. Psychedelic use can help with writing because using psychedelics helps us […]

  • Understanding The True Nature of Reality

    The universe makes no sense. True Nature of Reality – Alexandre Porto · 3 min read The universe is made up of a great many things. It is also the case that The Universe makes no sense. This can be verified by the fact that there is a great deal of pain and misery in The […]

  • 4 Principles of Psychedelic Harm Reduction

    Breaking Down of Zendo Project’s Harm Reduction Principles The Zendo Project is an organization that has the objective to provide a safe space for psychonauts going through challenging psychedelic experiences and other psychological emergencies with the mission to make these challenges meaningful and constructive. They are also focused on providing resources to those who want […]

  • Preparing For a (life-changing) Psychedelic Experience

    To prepare for a sacred mystical experience is to prepare for life. I have seen many people talk about how to prepare for a psychedelic trip, yet I do not think they know what it is like.  For example, one might say ‘you should eat well beforehand’ or ‘take your time and set good intentions’. But […]

  • Finally, What is Ego Death?

    Finally, What is Ego Death?

    Ego death is a very important part of truly understanding and empathizing with another. Ego Death – Alexandre Porto· 3 min read Ego death is a term that refers to the loss of identity. Some people regard ego-death as an experience in which one has no sense of self, and therefore feels like they are nothingness or oneness with everything […]

  • Psychedelic Means Open Mind

    Definition of the word Psychedelic Psychedelic Alexandre Porto Dec 12, 2020 · 5 min read First, there is the problem of knowing what psychedelic substances are. The word ‘psychedelic’ comes from two Greek words: Psyche and Delos meaning mind-revealing. Psychedelics can be defined as any chemical substance that causes changes in perception, thoughts, or feelings by acting on the brain. It is unknown exactly how these […]

  • The Impact of Psychedelics On Society

    What if we trip collectively? Alexandre Porto · 3 min read It is hard to say what the impact psychedelics will have on society. In terms of changing consciousness, it does seem obvious that they have some effect on at least a lot of people who use them. I would say that it is hard to measure […]

  • Psychedelics: A Non-Religious Spiritual Awakening

    A – not quite – ordinary way of understanding everything Alexandre PortoDec 30, 2020 · 2 min read As you know, humans use psychedelics in order to induce a psychological state that is not only highly expansive and unconstrained by reality or even the self but also usually filled with joy and bliss. The experience of many people, myself included, […]