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  • What is Shin-Ken: Real Sword?

    Shin-Ken Translated literally it means “real sword”. In martial arts, the meaning of “fighting with the real sword” is quite straightforward, it means to take the fight as seriously as if you were battling for your life.  Even when you are just practicing. How (and why) act seriously when the situation isn’t serious? In Japan nowadays, the expression “doing something […]

  • Earthbound Teaches Meditation and Emptiness

    The classic game for Super Nintendo teaches us an important lesson about Nirvana and spirituality. 6 min read Hello! Recently I got myself a Raspberry Pi Super Nintendo emulator. Now I can simply download any classic game and play at will. Right now I’m in the middle of playing Earthbound and now I know why […]

  • Be Popular Without Losing Yourself

    Don’t let conformism kill your writing. At our core, we desire acceptance from others, whether it is in the form of love for another person or groupaffirmation as a way to achieve status within society. Humans also desire to be unique, special individuals. We want to feel that we have value and worth, so we will […]

  • This is The Most Notable Thing About Humans.

    A very short text about love. Most Notable Thing About Humans – Alexandre Porto Dec 23, 2020 · 2 min read Humans have interacted with each other for only a few million years, whereas we have been around in one form or another for billions of years. Humans are just one tiny part of the universe and its history. What […]

  • How To Be a Great Person?

    Being a great man means being inherently good at what you do. Alexandre Porto 3 min read Before I start, when I say “man” I mean a human being, not a male person. Being a great man is not something that you can achieve simply because your father and mother made you great, or because others have […]

  • Theory of Apathy

    Theory of Apathy

    The Humanistic Approach Theory of Apathy · 3 min read · ‘Theory of Apathy’. This is an apathetic approach to problems of all forms. It is also a humanistic approach. Apathy is just a reaction to the problems that occur in life, and also an overarching philosophy. It could be defined as ‘a lack of […]

  • The Biggest Challenge of A Global Pandemic

    Above All Else: Don’t Despair Alexandre Porto 7 min read A global viral pandemic is a very interesting problem. In the past I have worked on problems that required dealing with a virus, however, in those cases, it was always under controlled conditions. Usually, we were able to create an environment to keep the virus isolated and […]

  • Avoiding The Optimization Fallacy

    How to improve what can’t be improved? Optimization Fallacy – Alexandre Porto· 7 min read Human society has many flaws. There are several sides of the same coin, however, I will try to present a coherent argument. On one hand, humans have a lot of potentials. They are capable of incredible feats and great works. Humans can use their […]

  • If People Irritate You Easily: Read This.

    It’s not you, it’s science… OK! Actually, it is you. People irritate you easily – Alexandre Porto · 5 min read I remember a close friend of mine who one day seemed agitated and looked super bothered by something. He sat down for a moment and let out a loud sight: — What’s the problem, man? […]

  • How to Connect With People

    What You Feel; They Feel Connect With People – Alexandre Porto · 7 min read · When you say ‘connect to people’, I think of the human need for social interaction. People who do not feel socially connected are lonely and unhappy, whereas those who have friends and family tend to be happier. Social connection […]