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Our magazine deals with a broad range of subjects surrounding the world of responsible psychedelic use. This magazine seeks to encourage the reader to explore their own inner worlds and to integrate the lessons of the psychedelic experience into a wholesome lifestyle.

Volume 1 – Aug 2023

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In this issue of the Cabbanis Magazine, we are going to speak a little about the importance of engaging with your integration, and why some companies are betting on psychedelic substances to give them a competitive edge by teaching leaders to be leaders.

We are also going to explore the instinctive impulse some animals feel to consume a certain group of plants commonly known as the Locoweed or crazy grass. Sometimes leading the animal down a path of self-neglection and isolation. What can we learn from psychedelic animals?

Let’s delve into a Salvia divinorum experience in our trip report section where we explore psychedelic substances and the journey they create. We are going to follow Hupert C. and their report titled: Goodbye Reality, Hello Universe.

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