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4 Benefits of Microdosing With Psychedelics

We are witnessing a boom of microdosing with psychedelics in modern society, and the revolution comes in the form of barely noticeable benefits spread out through months.

In the increasingly competitive scene of high-performance professionals, any tool that gives you a competitive edge is worth considering. To many people, microdosing is the answer.

What Exactly is a Microdose?

Last year I had the opportunity to work in one of the best smartshops in the world: When Nature Calls, in Amsterdam.

When Nature Calls is a high-end smart shop specialized in CBD, psychedelics, and natural tools of many types.

There I had a professional stage where I could have hundreds of professional conversations about responsible use of psychedelics, without taboo.

When nature calls magic truffles microdose
Photo by Alexandre Porto. This is what we call psychedelic truffle. This is hardened mycelium rich in psilocybin (the active ingredient in magic mushrooms) and legal in Holland, classified by the law as a luxury food.

In my time there, I noticed that the option of a full psilocybe trip was not appropriate for many of my customers, seeing that several of them had nor the confidence nor the experience to handle a possibly challenging psychedelic journey.

For most customers, I usually ended up discussing the possibility of microdosing, because the recommended dose for a full psilocybin trip is 10 times the dose of a microdose.

This means that no changes in senses and perceptions are meant to be noticed during the day to day with a micro-dose.

The Effects of Microdosing Are Supposed to Be Felt Months After the Beginning of the Routine.

The effects should be observed over the course of months and are drastically easier to handle than a full psilocybin journey.

This is one of the difficulties of talking about this subject: the effects are not obvious.

To understand the benefits of microdosing the person must experiment with it for some time and carefully observe the subtle changes in well-being.

I’ll speak about the 4 main ways in which microdosing has changed the lives of my customers.

Each client needs to find what substance and what routine is appropriate for their specific objectives.

All high-performance people have their own objectives and personalities and because of this, I suggest developing their own protocol.

Keep in mind that you must find what works for you. If you want to talk with a group of motivated microdosers, please join to our Telegram channel:


The usual dose is 1/10 of a normal threshold dose for a full trip of the substance of your choice.

It’s recommended to start with 1/10 dose because it’s necessary that you find what dose works for you.

Start slow with a dose that you know to be lower than your personal threshold for tripping. And gradually increase or decrease until you are satisfied.

This takes experimentation.

Remember that people microdose in the days that they go to work; have important reunions; important presentations; etc…

It’s important that you are on the top of your game and you should not be distracted by the effects of the substance you are micro-dosing with.


The most popular routine is to take every two days. You take one dose today and wait two days without, and the next day you take it again.

This repeats for around 6 months when a pause is recommended until the next cycle.


The best substance for you depends on two things:

  • Your Objective
  • Availability
Your Objective:

Read the benefits I describe later in this article and ask yourself what you can get out of a microdose routine.

Each substance is more appropriate for each objective. I recommend that you talk with our community of microdosers and ask for reports.


It’s important that the substance that you choose is legal where you live. Because when the substance is sold without restrictions you know that you can always supply your routine with a consistent dose of the same product.

Check out our partners and find the right tools for you specially Azarius:

The 4 Main Benefits of Microdosing

1 — Presence of mind: Enhanced focus;

psychedelic microdose
Claude Monet’s Springtime, ca. 1872, — Wikimedia Commons.

One of the first effects my customers usually report after they start with microdosing is the clear sensation of mental clarity.

For many, this means that they looked at familiar – mundane – things as if they were seeing them for the first time.

This is extremely useful for creative work because an enhanced presence of spirit is a key to get into the perfect state of flow that some types of work require.

In addition, the ease to slip into a present mindset is ideal for those who look to improve their focus, as their mind is not distracted by unnecessary inner chatter.

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2 —Neurogenesis

neurogenesis with psychedelics microdose
A neurosphere of neural stem cells in a rat embryo spreads out into a single layer of cells. A) Neurosphere of subventricular zone cells after two days in culture. B) Shows the neurosphere at four days in culture and cells migrating away. C) Cells at the periphery of the neurosphere mostly having extending processes. — CC BY 2.5

In a research by the University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, USA:

Many psychedelic drugs are shown to have an impact on hippocampal neurogenesis in a dose-dependent manner and to alter some aspects of memory and learning. Drug-induced alterations in hippocampal neurogenesis have been shown to alleviate depression and to have beneficial effects on conditioned fear.

To summarize, psilocybin is one of the few substances that we know of that is capable of neurogenesis — the birth of new neurons.

This is one of the reasons that the introduction of psychedelics into the lives of high-performance people can drastically improve their cognitive abilities, as well as enhance their memories and mental calculation capabilities.

For this reason, microdose has become more popular among high-performance people who work with their brains.

We are also discovering that microdosing is super effective to improve the wellbeing of people who suffer from depression and PTSD.

3 — Enhanced Perception of the Ego

microdose help with ego perception
John William Waterhouse, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the benefits that my clients noticed was that their sense of self changed slightly.

This is one of the things that is hard to put a finger on, but they had this noticeable effect in which they would talk to a co-worker or a strange in the streets and they would feel a warm sensation of empathy to the other.

My customers constantly described it to me as a strong feeling that the other was a part of themselves.

Feeling as we are part of everything and that everything is a part of ourselves is a recurring effect of long psychedelic trips.

This feeling is called Oceanic Feeling.

This is a powerful empathy tool because with this we can talk to other people with love and caring as if we were having a conversation with ourselves.

I personally found that the others tend to mirror this by reflecting this empathy.

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4 — Expanded Awareness

benefits of microdosing
Elizabeth Nourse, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The last benefit that I want to talk about is improved consciousness. The ease to expand our awareness effortlessly is powerful because when we make decisions in this state of spirit we take into consideration more things, which we usually ignore.

For example, many customers choose to microdose because they wanted to manage some addiction, like smoking.

All of them came back and said that they succeded to some degree.

It was described to me that they would take the cigarette and don’t feel the urge. Not only that, but they started to feel repulsed by the thought of smoking.

Many researches talk about this:

Article on TIME.

And as a scientific research claims:

A recent open-label pilot study (N = 15) found that two to three moderate to high doses (20 and 30 mg/70 kg) of the serotonin 2A receptor agonist, psilocybin, in combination with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for smoking cessation, resulted in substantially higher 6-month smoking abstinence rates than are typically observed with other medications or CBT alone.

Personally, my favorite way to use psychedelics is to have a full dose and trip for a day every one or two months.

But my professional experience discussing the microdose option has opened my eyes to new possibilities.

People all over the world are using different psychedelic substances at different doses and with diverse routines to find that competitive edge they were missing.

Microdosing can be incredibly beneficial for well-being and for some it’s the answer to a healthier lifestyle.

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